What to Look for in a Storage Locker

You might find that you don’t have the space to store all your things if you recently moved or need to temporarily stay with family members mini storage space. A storage unit can help. Storage units can store all your items until there is room in your house for them. These facilities rent storage lockers for less than $50 per month, making it a good investment. You want to ensure that the lockers you rent are secure. You should check the security level of the facility you’re considering renting. You can check if your locker is safe or not by using the following methods.

Site Guards

Security guards are usually on duty 24 hours a day at the storage facility where you rent a locker. The guards who are hired to protect the storage facility from intruders will be paid. If there are security guards on duty all night and day, thieves and criminals will be less likely to enter a facility.


These secure storage facilities need to have video cameras installed everywhere. The cameras must be able to record videos at all times. The owners of the facility could review the footage from the previous night to see if there were any intruders.

Coded Gate

Look for an establishment with a gate that is coded. A facility without a coded gate is open to anyone. This can cause serious problems. A coded gate will only allow employees and customers to enter the facility.


Inside and out, a secure storage facility has good lighting. When there’s good lighting inside a storage facility, it makes it less attractive to trespassers who are scared of being caught. Make sure that the lighting is also motion-sensitive.


All lockers in a good storage facility should have alarms. The alarms let the manager of the storage facility know when each locker has been opened. The alarm will sound if an intruder tries to open the storage locker. It will also recognize the specific locker that was opened. You will be able to save yourself from a great deal of future frustration if you check the security features at the storage facility that you’re considering. You can reduce your risk of having items stolen by renting a secure locker. Do not hesitate to contact the facility if you have questions regarding security.