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Hardwood Flooring Tips Before Installation

For those looking to upgrade their pacific floor covering, Wood is a good option. Wood flooring comes in an array of colors and styles and is both durable and attractive. It is wise to research wood flooring before deciding on a date for installation. Wood flooring is expensive, so you need to take into consideration certain factors before you install it. Continue reading this article to find out the important hardwood flooring tips that you need to be aware of before installation.

Choose the right product for the right room

Don’t make the mistake to choose a black walnut floor that is expensive in a room with high foot traffic. Hardwoods such as black walnut or cherry are more pliable and are therefore better suited for less-trafficked areas. For high-traffic areas, choose hardwoods like oak or cherry for a durable investment. If you have humid or wet areas in your home like basements or bathrooms, then you will need a completely different type of material. Speak to your general contractors about the right flooring for your home.

Go Bigger

The latest trend in wood flooring is wider, longer planks. It reduces the amount of seams and gives a smoother finish. It can also make the room seem larger. This is an excellent choice for kitchens and living rooms.

Choose Factory-Finished Flooring

If you are looking for a new hardwood floor, you have the option of purchasing either factory-finished floors that have already been treated and sealed or unfinished floors that require staining and sealant after installation. You will get better results with pre-treated floors. Finishing done in the factory lasts a lot more than finishing on site. These finishes tend to look uniform and more even.

Acclimate Wood Flooring Before DIY Installation

Congratulations if you’re installing your wood floors yourself! Before installing the floor, you should acclimatize the wood planks with the room’s humidity and temperature. If you fail to do so, it can lead buckles and cracks. To avoid this, keep the wood planks inside the room for seven to ten days to let them adjust to the climate. It’s even better to expose all four surfaces of the wood planks for this acclimation time.


A general contractor can provide you with more information regarding hardwood flooring and installation services. Select a reputable remodeling company for the installation of hardwood floors in your home or business.