The Benefits of BusinessXchange

  • Collaborate and network with like-minded businesses
  • Promote your business to other members and the wider business community
  • Post short videos and elevator pitches about your business
  • Post case studies and good news stories for promotion through PR channels
  • Register for and receive relevant Tender alerts
  • Post Tenders and other opportunities for businesses to respond to
  • Post Events for others to consider attending
  • Book onto events organised by business network organisations/companies
  • Benefit from Group buying offers
  • Promote special offers to other businesses registered on the site
  • Access Advice, Guidance and information from sites
  • Refer to a feedback based rating system so that businesses can relate experiences about suppliers, thereby enabling others to collaborate / buy in confidence
  • Utilise a direct link to social media including LinkedIn, Twitter etc. and additional information via blogs and knowledge sharing posts.

Here’s how you can support the Commonwealth Businesswomen’s Platform

We are now offering a unique opportunity for companies, organisations, institutions and businesses to support this Digital Platform through a range of initiatives:

  • Sponsorship of specific elements of the website
  • Sponsorship of elements of BusinessXchange
  • Allocating resources ie materials, expertise
  • Connecting your network
  • Donating through the ‘Friends of CBW’
  • Corporate donation/sponsorship
  • Government funding

BusinessXchange uses the term ‘Connect-Collaborate-Grow’

This is your opportunity to support women in business throughout the Commonwealth do just that.

They say that it is the journey not the destination that counts. This is your opportunity to be a part of a unique journey. A journey focused on business, on women, on economic development and empowerment. A journey for growth.


CBW’s focus on leveraging technology to establish a platform to enable and encourage trade and capacity-building for women in business across the Commonwealth not only anticipates but leads a global shift in harnessing the potential and power of women, demographics and technology to drive economic growth. Globally no other women’s business platform is focused on the lifecycle of a business and providing the tools, support and connectivity for that business journey. Leveraging the unique Commonwealth assets of common legal infrastructures, shared knowledge and relationships and a reduced cost of doing business between any two Commonwealth countries, the CBW BusinessXchange platform will deliver outcomes by leveraging opportunities from women in business – including in the rural economy, in service businesses and for small states, all of which are especially important for the Commonwealth community which now accounts for 20% of world trade.

Lizze Leary
Managing Director, BusinessXchange
Introduction to Commonwealth Businesswomen BusinessXchange

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